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The Times (London).
Wednesday, 17 August 1910


Yesterday morning Mrs. Cutbush, a widow who lives alone at the corner of Daneville-road and Denmark-hill, where she carries on a china business, was found gagged and bound on her premises, which had been ransacked by burglars. Her shop-boy arrived about 9 o'clock, and being unable to get an answer to his knocking, gained admittance to the shop by means of a window at the back, and on making a search found Mrs. Cutbush lying on the staircase. Her hands and feet were tied, and there was a piece of rag in her mouth. Mrs. Cutbush stated that as she was leaving her bedroom about 7.30 yesterday morning she was met at the door by two men, who were wearing masks. She screamed and was at once seized by the men, and a struggle followed. She succeeded in getting two or three steps down the staircase, but was then overpowered, thrown down, and had her hands tied. She continued to shout for the police, and one of them forced a piece of dirty rag into her mouth. In this condition she remained until found by the boy. It was discovered, subsequently, that the thieves had taken 18 pounds in cash and a considerable quantity of jewelry. The police were informed, and found that the house had been entered by means of a window at the back which had been broken.

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