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The Times (London).
Wednesday, 28 July 1909

Alleged Murder in Whitechapel.

At Old-street yesterday, before Mr. Cluer, HAROLD HALL, 32, a labourer, of no fixed abode, was charged on remand with the murder of Kate Ronan at MillerÕs-court, Duval-street, Whitechapel. The prisoner confessed to the murder at Bristol in circumstances reported in The Times on July 20 and 21.

Mr. F.J. Williamson, for the Director of Public Prosecutions, said there was ample corroboration of the confession. The prisonerÕs history showed that from the time he was sent by the Guardians of the Strangeways (Manchester) Union Š he having been born in the workhouse there Š to Canada he had roamed over many parts of the world. He called himself a seaman ; and for some months before the murder, on his plea of misfortune, illness, and loss of ship, he had been helped a great deal. He arrived in England from South Africa in October last, landing at Liverpool, where he alleged that he had been robbed of 30 pounds by women. He came to London from Liverpool by ship as a stowaway, and at Greenwich Hospital was treated as a seaman in distress. Afterwards he was treated for five weeks in a convalescent home. About the time of the murder the prisoner had been assisted by the Salvation Army, and lived at their home in Spa-road, Bermondsey. From that Home came the first corroboration of the prisonerÕs confession, for while working as a paper sorter the prisoner found a pocket-knife which a witness, who worked with him, identified. This knife had been handed to the police as the weapon used to cut the womanÕs throat. There was further corroboration by a market porter, who stated that on the night of the murder he saw the deceased with a man near Duval-street. He had identified the prisoner as that man.

After hearing the evidence for the prosecution, Mr. Cluer committed the prisoner for trial at the Central Criminal Court.

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