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The Times (London).
13 July 1909


Dr. James Godding, deputy coroner for East London, concluded the inquiry at Stepney concerning the death of Kate Roman (sic), aged 24 years, unmarried, and described as a domestic servant, who was found with her throat cut in a tenement room at Miller's court, Duval street, Spitalfields, in the early morning of Friday, July 2. At the opening of the inquiry it was stated that Roman left her home about six years ago, and her parents had heard nothing of her for about 12 months. The circumstances of the case have already been reported in The Times. It was stated yesterday that a strange man was seen with the girl after midnight on the day in question. Alice Smith, who occupied a room above that of Roman, said that about 1.30 she heard some heavy footsteps on the stairs. Inspector Wensley stated that every possible inquiry had been made, but the police had not succeeded in making any arrest in connection with the crime. The jury returned a verdict of "Wilful murder against some person or persons unknown."

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