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Times (London)
11 December 1900

At Thames, John Evest, 71, who was said to have been a doctor, was charged with stealing a microscope, valued at 20. Detective Sergeant J. Pullen stated that the instrument was the property of Colonel Mulrooney, of the Indian Medical Service, who was at present in India, and was stolen from the medical college of the London Hospital on August 20 last. As soon as the instrument was missed the matter was placed in the hands of the police, who ascertained that it had been pledged at the shop of Mr. John Shepherd Arnold, pawnbroker, Lewisham High road, for 3. On Saturday the accused tried to sell the ticket to a neighbouring chemist for 1, and while standing outside the shop was recognized by Mr. Arnold, who gave him into custody. Sergeant Pullen afterwards found the prisoner detained at Blackheath road station, and said to him, "You have been identified as the man who pawned a microscope in August last." Evest replied, "Quite right; I pawned it, and can give a satisfactory account of it, but I shall reserve my defence." The officer then, "What is your address?" and the prisoner replied, "I have no address here. I live in France, not in England, but I am an Englishman born." On the way to the station the prisoner said, "I bought the microscope from Dr. Barrow 18 months ago. He lived at Stoke Ferry, but is dead now. I gave him two pictures for it. I cannot see how any one can swear to it. That is impossible. How could I get it away from the London Hospital without being seen? I have not been to the London Hospital." Mr. James Smith, medical instrument maker, of Tottenham Court road, identified the microscope as the one supplied to the prosecutor, who at that time was studying at the London Hospital. The prisoner was known as an expert medical instrument thief. Evest was remanded.

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