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Times (London)
20 January 1899

Central Criminal Court

At Bow street, yesterday, before Sir John Bridge, Mr. Holloway, solicitor, applied for a summons requiring the Commissioner of Police to show cause why he should not deliver to Mr. Havelock - the solicitor acting for Kate Marshall, now under sentence of death for the murder of her sister at Spitalfields - the knife with which the murder was committed. He stated that the knife had been assigned by the condemned woman to Mr. Havelock. It was not disputed that this knife was her property. Sir John Bridge said that even if he granted a summons, he should certainly not make an order for the delivery of the knife. Mr. Holloway said that lawyers who had been consulted held that this assignment constituted a valid claim for the knife. In the case of Mrs. Pearcey an order was made as to property forming the subject of a murder charge. Sir John Bridge said there could be no doubt that this solicitor wanted the knife for a certain purpose, and he considered this perfectly monstrous. In the circumstances he thought it would be wrong to give up the knife, and he should not grant a summons. The parties interested could apply to the High Court for a mandamus if they wished.

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