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The Times (London).
24 March 1891.


At LAMBETH, James Cutbush, 27, clerk, was charged on remand, before Mr. Hopkins, with feloniously cutting and wounding Florence Grace Johnson with intent to do grieveous bodily harm. He was also charged with attempting to wound Isabel Fraser Anderson. Mr. Angus Lewis prosecuted on behalf of the Treasury, and Mr. G. Kirk defended the prisoner. Mr. Lews having briefly opened the case, called Isabel Fraser Anderson, who stated that she was 18 years of age, and lived in White Hart-street, Kennington. On the 7th inst., whilst walking with a female friend in Kennington-road, she suddenly felt a pull at her dresss behind and then a sound as if her dress was being torn. She looked round, and saw a man, who immediately ran away. She did not see the man’s face, but he was in appearance like the prisoner. She thought the man had a knife in his right hand. She complained to a gentleman who was walking just in front. She afterwards found that her dress was cut at the lower part of the back as if by some sharp instrument. Clara Hoyne, aunt of the prisoner, said he had lived with her for a long time. In consequence of his condition application had been made to the parish authorities and the prisoner was removed to Newington Infirmary. From there he escaped and was afterwards taken to Peckham-house Lunatic Asylum. Witness afterwards found a sheath knife in the pocket of the prisoner’s overcoat. The knife was produced in Court and appeared to be almost new. The blade was about 6in. long with a very sharp curved point. The witness informed the Court that for two years the prisoner had been unable to do wrk. The condition of his mind had been brought about through excessive study. Inspector Race, L Division, said he was present with Chief Inspector Chisholm when the prisoner was arrested. Whilst in the waiting-room of the Court the prisoner said, “I could not commit the offence I am charged with. I read of a man in the newspapers stabbing girls at Clapham about five weeks back, and he is the man you want.” The evidence of another young lady who had been stabbed by the prisoner having been taken, Mr. Hopkins said the prisoner would be committed to take his trial at the next Sessions.

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