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The Times (London).
Wednesday, 25 February 1891.


At the Thames Police-court, yesterday afternoon, JAMES THOMAS SADLER, 53, described as a shipís fireman, was brought up on remand charged with wilfully causing the death of Frances Coles by cutting her throat with a knife on the 13th inst.

Mr. Mathews, instructed by Mr. Frayling, now appeared to prosecute on behalf of the Treasury; and Mr. Lawless, instructed by Messrs. Wilson and Wallis, appeared for the prisoner; while Superintendent Arnold and Chief Inspector Swanson represented the police.

Sadler, when placed in the dock, presented a much better appearance than when last before the court. The black eye which was so conspicuous on the last occasion had now entirely disappeared, and his face altogether showed a marked improvement.

Mr. Mathews said that since the last occasion he had been instructed by the Solicitor to the Treasury to conduct the case for the prosecution. Before proceeding with the evidence he would ask whether it would be convenient to again remand the prisoner upon the evidence which had already been laid before him. As the magistrate was aware, the case was still under the investigation of the coroner, and it was imagined the inquiry would terminate on Friday. Whether it would be convenient and right that the prisoner should be remanded for a week it was for the magistrate to determine. He was able to say that his learned friend Mr. Lawless, who appeared on the prisonerís behalf, joined with him in the application that the case should be further adjourned for a week.

Mr. Lawless quite agreed with the learned counselís application for a further adjournment.

Mr. MEAD said under these circumstances he should remand the prisoner until that day week.

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