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Times (London)
14 February 1890

BANKRUPTCY.-At the Court, Lincoln's-inn-Before MR. REGISTRAR BROUGHAM,-First Court.-Application.-Section 16.-A., Pigott, at 11. Discharge.-W.F. Miller, at 11-C.W. Dickerson, at 11. Discharge of Kosminski (Kosminski and Wolf), at 11. Public Examinations.-H. Kingston, at 11 30-W.S. Lyon, at 12-H. Lester, at 12-C. Mackinnon, at 12 30-W.G. Parker, at 1-Kinzett and Bennett, at 1-D. Nicholas, at 1-W.T. Perry, at 2. Before MR. REGISTRAR GIFFARD.-In Room 20.-Application, at 11. Applications, Section 20.-W.R. Higgins, at 11-H. Cory, at 11. Five petitions at 11, three petitions at 11 30, and one petition at 12. Dividend.-G. Patching, at 12. Motion.-J. Mortlock, at 12. Application.-H. J. Jadis, at 2.

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