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Times (London)
15 April 1889

At WANDSWORTH, WILLIAM HARVEY, WILLIAM HOWARD, and GEORGE LOWE were re-examined on the charge of committing a burglary at the Duke of Edinburgh, Ferndale-road, Brixton, and stealing seven boxes of cigars and a number of billiard balls, the property of Mrs. Reeves, the landlady; also at the house of Mr. Charles Spencer, an engineer, of Longhedge-house, Silverthorn-road, Battersea, and stealing property of the value of 40; and also with breaking and entering 102, Sheepcote-road, Battersea, and stealing a quantity of bedding and other articles, the property of William Felix Thursby. Kate Groves was now placed in the dock with the prisoners charged with being concerned in the two latter charges. It appeared that at midnight on the 4th of April Police-constable Taylor saw Harvey scale a wall in Stewart's-road. In his pockets he found 156 farthings and 40 threepenny-pieces, and these were subsequently identified by the manager of the Duke of Edinburgh as belonging to Mrs. Reeves. The prisoner was taken to the station, and the constable in company of other officers went to 22, Stewart's-lane and demanded admittance. The door was opened by a man, who on seeing the officers at once closed it. The officers, however, succeeded in forcing the door, and the man escaped by jumping out of the back window. They entered the parlour and found Lowe, Howard, and a third man, who also escaped, sitting at a table playing cards. The premises were searched and the cigars and billiard balls were found concealed in one of the rooms. Howard and Lowe were arrested and removed to the police-station. The officers made a further search of the premises, and discovered a large quantity of stolen property, including a table cloth and two carriage rugs, a small portion of the things missed by Mr. Spencer, and some bedding belonging to Mr. Thursby, at whose house the following note was found written in pencil the morning after the robbery:-"I have now retired from the other business. I have now started a fresh game, and I do enjoy my work. I had no bed, so I thought I would take yours, but hope you do not mind. Yours truly, Jack the Ripper." The magistrate could not understand why the officers allowed the men to escape. Men ought to have been posted at the back and front of the house. The prisoners were formally remanded for committal.