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Times (London)
Tuesday, 6 November 1888


At WORSHIP-STREET, John William Cooper, 39, carman, was charged with cutting and wounding Eliza, his wife, by stabbing her with a knife. The wife, according to the evidence of Police-constable Caunter, H division, went to the Police-station in Commercial-street, Spitalfields, at 1 o'clock on Sunday morning and said her husband had stabbed her in the breast and she had only saved her life by running from the house. The officer was sent to arrest the husband, and the wife was attended to by the divisional surgeon, Dr. Bagster Phillips, 2, Spital-square. She was found to be suffering from two stab wounds below the right breast bone and a third wound in the back, inflicted as she fled from the house. The Police-constable found a table knife covered with blood, and the wife said her husband had sharpened it and chased her round the room before he stabbed her. Mr. Bushby committed the prisoner for trial.

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