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Times (London)
2 September 1887

At the THAMES Police-Court, GEORGE HUTCHINSON, 33, respectably dressed, who was stated to be well connected, giving an address at Cottage-grove, Bow, was charged, on remand, with stealing a gold watch, value 5, the property of Walter M'Lachlin, of 49, Wellclose-square, Whitechapel. Prosecutor said that on the evening of Saturday week he met the prisoner at a druggist's shop in Aldgate. He was suffering from the effects of drink and appeared very ill. He told witness he lived at Bow and witness offered to see him part of the way home. Hutchinson, however, got worse and witness took him to his own house in a cab. He sent for a doctor, who attended him. Witness took him into the bedroom where his wife's watch was kept, and allowed him to wash himself. He was afterwards advised to take a rest, but said he must go, and then left. He had previously insisted on paying 4s. for the doctor's attendance and the cab fare. At 10 o'clock the same evening the watch and the case were found to be gone. The accused was next seen by witness's wife on that day (Thursday) week, when he was charged. Charles Harris, a pawnbroker's manager, said that on Saturday week a cabman entered the shop and offered the watch in pledge for 30s. Witness said he would advance a sovereign on it, when he said he would go and inform his fare, who had sent him to pledge the watch. He returned and accepted the sovereign. Witness afterwards went outside, when he saw the accused, whom he knew, very drunk and hanging on the cab horse's neck. (Laughter.) He was remanded for the attendance of prosecutor's wife.

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