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St. James Gazette
London, England
17 September 1888


The public of the neighbourhood of Whitechapel continue to make statements, which are committed to writing at Commercial street station, and in several instances the police have been made cognizant of what the informants consider to be suspicious movements of individuals whose appearance is supposed to tally with that of the man who is wanted. Every "clue" given by the public in their zeal to assist the police has been followed up, but without success, and the lapse of time, it is feared, will lessen the chances of discovering the perpetrator of the crimes.

A meeting was held on Saturday of one of the vigilance committees recently formed in Whitechapel. It was reported that there had already been received several contributions to the fund intended to be raised, for offering a reward for the discovery of the murderer. A strong feeling was expressed against the new policy of the Home Office not to offer a reward.

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