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Qu'Appelle Vidette
21 July 1892

The High Kicking Countess Russell Appears Against Him

A London cable says: The feature of the Neill trial today was the presence of Countess Russell, of Divorce Court notoriety. She came as a witness against the prisoner, whose sensational career of crime in America and England is attracting much attention to the proceeding brought against him for the poisoning of the girl Matilda Clover. The Countess was dressed in black, with heliotrope trimming, and looked very pretty. She was in a bad temper at being forced to travel some miles from town and kept in a stuffy court room for hours with women and men of disreputable character for associates. After testifying to the not very important fact that she had received a latter from the accused threatening to make public a charge that she had poisoned Earl Russell, she brusquely demanded to be refunded her expenses. The coroner was not at all overawed by her ladyship's imperious manner, and bawled to the police inspector: "Pay the witness three shillings and sixpence, plus a first class railway fare." The countess grabbed the money, signed a receipt and hurried away. The evidence against Neill or Cream is now so strong and there is hardly a doubt that he will be found guilty and will share the fate of Deeming, whose rival in murder he seems to have been, and who, like him, was suspected by many of being that elusive criminal, Jack the Ripper.

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