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Newark Daily Advocate
Ohio, U.S.A.

12 September 1889

Medical Testimony Taken at the Coroner's Inquest
The Revelations Kept Secret

London, Sept. 12.
The inquest in the case of the woman, whose headless body was discovered in the Whitechapel district Tuesday morning, was conducted with closed doors, and extraordinary precautions are taken to prevent the medical testimony in the case being made public.

The rumor is afloat, but cannot be traced to an authoritative source, that one of the doctors has pointed out that the surgical work of the fiend bears a remarkable resemblance in certain features to peculiarities which have frequently been noted in the work of a well known London surgeon, a man of the highest standing in his profession, but exceedingly eccentric. The police maintain a discreet silence, and refuse to either deny or verify the rumor. They appear to be active, however, and their conduct indicated that they have a clew of some kind.

The generally accepted list of the Whitechapel's victims up to date is as follows:

1. Unknown woman, past middle age, Whitechapel outcast, found dead in October 1887, with body horribly mutilated. Little attention paid to the case.

2. Martha Turner, found Aug 7, 1888, stabbed in sixty two places, probably with a bayonet.

3. Polly Nichols, found Aug. 31, head nearly severed from body.

4. Annie Chapman, found Sept. 8, horribly carved.

5. Elizabeth Stride, found Sept. 30. body warm when found, but mutilated like the others.

6. Catherine Eddowes, found the same morning, body and face horribly disfigured.

7. Mrs. Mary Jane Lawrence, found Nov. 9, head nearly severed, face lacerated almost beyond recognition, breast cut off and laid on a take, heart and liver removed and matrix missing, body literally hacked to pieces.

8. Elizabeth Jackson, body found in sections between May 31 and June 25, 1889.

9. Alice Mackenzie, alias Kelly, found in Castle alley, dead, but with body still warm, June 17, 1889, mutilations not completed; knife evidently dull.

10. The present case.