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Newark Daily Advocate
Ohio, U.S.A.

31 December 1888


April 3 - Body of Emma Elizabeth Smith found.
Aug. 7 - Body of Martha Turner found.
Aug. 31 - Body of Mary Ann Nichols found.
Sept. 7 - Body of Anna Sievey found.
Sept. 21 - Body of unknown woman found at Gateshead, in north England: had been dead some days: mutilated like those in Whitechapel and one of same class.
Sept. 29 - Just before midnight body of Elizabeth Stride found, still warm and bleeding.
Sept. 30 - Just after midnight, and but a few minutes after preceding find, the body of Catherine Eddowes was found, evidently dead some hours. Both killed on the 29th.
Oct. 2 - Corpse of unknown woman, mutilated and decomposed, found on Thames embankment.
Nov. 9 - Body of Mary Ann Kelley (sic) found in her own room in a low tenement house, cut to pieces.

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