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New York Herald
22 December 1888

Another Low Woman Murdered in the East End of London.

London, Dec. 21, 1888.-The body of a woman, whose name is unknown, was found yesterday morning in the streets of Poplar, in the eastern suburbs of London. An empty phial lay alongside the body and the impression first formed was that the woman had committed suicide. At the coroner's inquest to-day, however, the physicians who examined the body testified that there were no signs of poison in the stomach and declared their belief that the woman had been murdered by strangulation.

They said the condition of the body justified this belief, and in addition to that there was a mark on the woman's neck which showed that a small cord had been tied tightly around it. The woman was of low character. When the body was found it was still warm. It was lying in an open thoroughfare, and there is no possibility that the woman could have taken her own life.

Some persons believe that her murderer is identical with the Whitechapel fiend, who, they think, has adopted a new method of disposing of his victims.

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