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Morning Oregonian
Oregon, USA
6 October 1888

London Police believe the Whitechapel Murderer to be a Malay

London, Oct. 5.
Sir Charles Warren, chief of the metropolitan police, has decided to employ bloodhounds to discover the perpetrator of the Whitechapel murders. The police place confidence in the story of George M. Dodge, a seaman, who states that in August last he met a Malay cook, named Alaska in London, and that Alaska told him he had been robbed of all he had by a woman of the town, and threatened, unless he found the woman and recovered his property, to kill and mutilate every Whitechapel woman he met. The police are searching for the Malay.


London, Oct. 5.
Acting on information developed in the investigation of the Whitechapel murders, the police have seized and occupied several houses in that section.