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Morning Advertiser (London)
10 December 1888


George Pierilli, 20, an Italian, of 8 Fleet row, Holborn, was charged, before Mr. Horace Smith, with being disorderly at Farringdon road. Police constable Dunlop, 18 G R, said that late on Friday night he was on duty in Farringdon road when he saw a large crowd assembled and heard cried of "Murder" and Police." Upon nearing the crowd, he saw the prisoner stripped to the waist, shouting "I'm Jack the Ripper; I will do for some of them." He ascertained that Pierilli had previously assaulted a woman, and had thrown her to the ground. Mr. Horace Smith, in sentencing the accused to 14 days' imprisonment, described his conduct as most disgraceful.

Matthew Gibbs, a carpet beater, living in Branstone street, Notting hill, was charged on a warrant with assaulting his wife, Annie Gibbs. The complainant said the prisoner threatened her with Jack the Ripper, and said he would do six months for her. She was in fear of her life. The prisoner asked for a separation. The complainant showed marks on her arm which she said were caused by stabs inflicted by the prisoner two years ago. The prisoner, who denied that he had assaulted his wife, was remanded.

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