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Morning Advertiser (London)
11 October 1888


A great deal of fresh evidence will be given at the adjourned inquest today, in the City Coroner's Court, Golden lane, upon the body of the Mitre square victim. Since the adjournment Shelton, the coroner's officer, has, with the assistance of the City police authorities, discovered several new witnesses, including the deceased's daughter, who was found to be occupying a respectable situation as a domestic servant in the neighbourhood of Kensington. She states that she had not seen her mother for some time, and certainly did not see her on the night she met her death. Two witnesses have also been found who will state that they saw the deceased standing at the corner of Duke street, Aldgate, a few minutes walk from Mitre square. This was, to the best of their belief, about half past one o'clock and she was then alone. They recognised her on account of the white apron she was wearing. The contents of the deceased's stomach have been analysed, but no trace of a narcotic has, it is said, been discovered. Ten witnesses will be called today, when the coroner hopes to conclude the inquiry.

Sir Alfred Kirby, Colonel of the Tower Hamlets Fusiliers, recently made an offer to provide 30 to 50 men belonging to the regiment for service in connexion with tracking the perpetrator of the Whitechapel and Aldgate tragedies. The Home Secretary has just written to Sir Alfred, saying that, having consulted with Sir Charles Warren, he had come to the conclusion that it would not be advisable to put the men on for service. It is thought that several considerations have pointed to this determination, the principal being that in the event of any injury happening to the men the question of compensation might be attended with some difficulty.

A statement has been widely circulated that one of the supposed Whitechapel murderers had been traced to Liverpool, that he had left that city, and that the police had lost sight of him. A description of the man and a statement that he was carrying a black bag had been given, and it was asserted that the Liverpool police were cognisant of this circumstance. As a matter of fact, the Head Constable and the Detective Department were quite unaware of this until the statements in the newspapers were brought under their notice. The head constable has given instructions for the various railway stations and also the departing steamships to be closely watched, and an efficient staff of detectives are endeavouring to give every possible assistance to the London police. As yet, however, no trace, so far as Liverpool is concerned, has been found of the murderers.

Late in Tuesday night a fierce attack was made upon an "unfortunate" in Dublin. A man about forty years of age and stoutly built was in company with a woman on one of the quays, which is rather dark, when he drew a knife and stabbed her, principally in the face. The cries of the woman attracted the police, who arrested the man who is alleged to have inflicted the injuries. The accused was shabbily dressed.


Walter H Knott, 25, a house painter, was charged before Mr. Newton with being disorderly and with making use of bad language. He was also charged with assaulting the police. The evidence was that the prisoner went to 10 Fordwych road, West Hampstead, on Tuesday night, and, opening the scullery window, called to his wife, who was servant there and was with her mistress in the kitchen. The mistress was alarmed by the language the prisoner was using, and she gave the servant permission to let him in, and she herself went upstairs. The prisoner continued in his bad language and threatened to give his wife the "Whitechapel rip," and attempted to hit her. She ran up the kitchen stairs and locked the door at the top, and Mr. Gibson, a lodger, went for a policeman, who went into the kitchen and ordered the prisoner out. The accused refused, and struck him several times, and threw him down. A severe struggle ensued, and at last the prisoner was ejected from the house. Outside he again assaulted the constable. Mr. Bower, the magistrate's clerk, informed the magistrate that there was summons pending against the prisoner for threatening his wife, which the officer had not been able to serve. Mr. Newton said he would hear that case at once. The prisoner's wife said she was married to the prisoner five years ago, since which time he had done scarcely any work, and she had had to go into service to earn her own living and help to support him. He had been most cruel to her and had threatened her life many times. He had been bound over to keep the peace. The prisoner told her that if he got one day's imprisonment through her he would do for her when he came out. She was in fear of her life. Assistant gaoler Barrett said the prisoner was fined 3 or 21 days' imprisonment last year for assaulting the police. Mr. Newton fined the prisoner 40s, or one month's imprisonment, and ordered him to find two sureties in 5 each for his peaceable behaviour for three months.

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