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Marion Daily Star
Ohio, USA
15 February 1889

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
(Tuledo Evening Bee, Tuesday, June 26)

Louis Stevenson's weird and wonderful story "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" as illustrated by George Ober's excellent company at Wheeler's last evening, held a large and enthusiastic audience spell-bound for upwards of three hours. The story, which has been expressly dramatized for Mr. Ober, has woven into it a pretty love tale that brightens the all-pervading gloom which Hyde throws over everything he comes in contact with. From Dr. Jekyll's first appearance and his horrible transformation into a raging, raving wild beast whose only instinct is to slay and kill, the attention of the audience is riveted upon his every act. Mr. Ober is a finished actor and in the dual character displayed a wonderful powers (sic) in rapid transformation changes. Darion as Dr. Lanyon, Mrs. Adelaide Ober (author of the play) as Mrs. Poole, and Miss Alice Hamilton as Mahet Burow (?) were all equally good. Miss Stella Blantern charmed everyone by her attractiveness. At the fall of the curtain after every act, the company were called before the curtain by the delighted audience. But to be appreciated it must be seen. Don't fail to see it.

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