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Marion Daily Star
Ohio, USA
4 Jnuary 1889

Fiendish Murders After the Style of "Jack the Ripper."


London, Jan. 4.
Newspapers at present teem with accounts of fiendish murders. Yesterday at South Perchton, in Somerset, a girl ten years old, named Davy, was outraged and then murdered. Her mother found the girl's dead body in a ditch with the head almost severed from the trunk, and the body shockingly mutilated after the style of "Jack the Ripper's" methods. The deed is supposed to have been committed by a tramp. No one has yet been arrested for the crime.

At Glasgow, John Stevenson, a young fellow about nineteen years of age, enticed a prostitute named Mary McKenzie into a dark court and stabbed her in the neck and abdomen. There was apparently no motive whatever for the deed but an insane freak.

Stevenson was arrested, and a bloody knife was found in his pocket. The only motive that one can suggest for the commission of such atrocities is that the persons responsible for them have been inflamed by reading about the Whitechapel fiend and attempt to imitate him.

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