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Manitoba Daily Free Press
Winnipeg, Canada
27 June 1893

An Abandoned Woman Murdered in Rotherhithe in the Same Manner as the Whitechapel Victims - No Clue to the Perpetrator

London, June 26.
The foul crimes of Jack the Ripper were again called to mind last night by a murder that was committed in Rotherhithe, a suburb a short distance to the southeast of London. The body of a woman belonging to the unfortunate class was found with her throat cut, the wound showing that the knife had been used from left to right as was the case in all the murders committed by the Ripper in the White Chapel district of London. Persons in the street at a late hour after the murder was done say they heard the woman scream two or three times. They ran in the direction from which the sounds came and found the woman lying on the pavement and the blood streaming from an awful gash in her throat. She was unconscious when found and died a few minutes after. The police were promptly on the scene, having been attracted by the screaming, but the murderer had effected his escape, leaving not the slightest clue to his identity. The women of Rotherhithe are panic stricken by the fate that has befallen one of their number. The body of the dead woman was not mutilated in the disgusting manner that has characterized the work of Jack the Ripper, but it is believed the murderer was frightened away and had no time to mutilate the body. The police are searching among the friends of the dead woman for a possible clue to the murder. They don't believe that jack the Ripper has commenced operations again, but think the crime was due to jealousy or to a drunken quarrel between the woman and some man whose acquaintance she had made on the streets.

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