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Manitoba Daily Free Press
Winnipeg, Canada
21 February 1891


Sadler's Wife Interviewed With A View to Proving Him the Culprit.

London, Feb. 20.
The interest of the public, especially in and about Whitechapel, still centers in the question whether Sadler is or is not "Jack the Ripper." With a view to throwing light on the matter a reporter has interviewed Sadler's wife, who, on account of his furious temper, is unable to longer live with him. According to her story, the sailor is a man of most peculiar temperament, who flies into an ungovernable rage over nothing at all and commits during spasms the most violent actions. On being asked whether her husband had a knife, Mrs. Sadler replied that he had a strange looking clasp knife with a long dagger-like blade. She also declared that Sadler was acquainted with every crook and corner of London and especially of Whitechapel.

A Friend for Sadler

London, Feb. 20.
Sadler, the alleged murderer of Carrotty Nell, has written a letter to the London Star claiming to be innocent, and that the police, determined to fasten on someone as a scapegoat for the Whitechapel tragedies, have apparently selected him and persistently ignore all the facts tending to show his innocence. The Star has engaged counsel to defend Sadler, who is without means to defend himself, and proposes to see that no injustice is done him. The belief in Sadler's innocence is growing.

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