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Manitoba Daily Free Press
Winnipeg, Canada
23 November 1888


London, Nov. 22.
Another letter from "Jack the Ripper", dated at Portsmouth. It reads:

"Dear Boss: It is no good for you to look for me in London, because I am not there. Don't trouble yourself about me till I return, which will not be long. Oh, that was such a jolly job, that last one. I had plenty of time to do it properly. Ha! ha! the next lot I mean to do with a vengeance. Cut off their heads and arms. You think it is a man with a black moustache. Ha! ha! ha! When I have done another you can catch me. So good-bye, dear boss, till I return.
Jack the Ripper."

The letter is in the same writing as the one received just before the woman was murdered. The incidemt yesterday has not shed any new light on the Whitechapel horrors. A woman accused her paramour of attempting to cut her throat. She followed him to the street and three men gave pursuit, but the man escaped. The police know who the man is and where he lives, and have been watching the house all day. When he gets over his fright and returns home they expect to get him. There is not the slightest reason to suppose that he is the Whitechapel fiend. The police believe the woman inflicted the wound upon herself, which is slight.