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Manitoba Daily Free Press
Winnipeg, Canada
12 November 1888


London, Nov. 10
Gen. Warren, chief of the Metropolitan police, has issued a proclamation offering a free pardon to any accomplice the Whitechapel murderer may have had, provided he will give information which will lead to the murderer's apprehension. It is leaned that the woman whose mutilated body was found in the Dorset street house yesterday was a native of Limerick, Ireland. She migrated to Wales, where she married a collier, who was subsequently killed by an explosion. After that she drifted to London. The bloodhounds that are at work on the Whitechapel murderer's trail to-day have been kept in training for this work for over a month. Lively scenes have been witnessed in Hyde Park in the early mornings. One day Sir Charles Warren, chief of police, in a fit of enthusiasm, offered himself for a quarry, and started of (sic) at a good swinging trot. He was soon lost to sight, and different policemen crossed his track. The dogs were laid on, and they worked surely but slowly along until they arrived at the spot where the first policeman had crossed the trail, here the dogs were at fault for a time, but soon took up the scent again. Finally both dogs failed going on some side scent. A new trial was started. Sir Charles again acted the hunted man, taking 1,200 yards start. The dogs did well for a while, but finally were baffled owing to the number of people who crossed the trail. Three more courses were tried, but in one only did the hounds succeed in catching their man, and then they licked and fondled him as an old friend.

Here is the order of the five previous murders committed by the same man: Aug. 7, Martha Turner, Commercial street; Aug. 31, Annie Nichols, Bucks Row; Sept. 8, Annie Chapman, Hanbury Street; Sept. 30, Elizabeth Stride, Berner street, and Kate Eddowes, Mitre Square.

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