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Manitoba Daily Free Press
Winnipeg, Canada
3 November 1888


London, Nov. 2.
The city police have received a post card on which the following was written:-

"Dear Boss, On Saturday night I will do two more murders on a man and a boy. I am Jack the Ripper."

The police at Rotherhithe had a letter which was found on Anchor street, Rotherhithe, at 5.30 Saturday afternoon, handed to them and it is dated the 12th, and contains the following:-

"I'll be over here soon, I'll have you. My knife is a sharp one. Jack the Ripper.
I am up in the City and Bermondsey every day.
Good old Leather Apron."

Another letter, bearing a Kilburn post mark, was written to Mr. Lusk of the Whitechapel vigilance committee, as follows:-

"I write you a letter in black ink, as I have no more of the right stuff. I think you are all asleep in Scotland Yard with your bloodhounds, as I will show you tomorrow night (Saturday.) I am going to do a double event, but not in Whitechapel. Got rather too warm there; had to shift. No more till you hear from me again,
Jack the Ripper."