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Irish Times
Dublin, Ireland
Saturday, 20 October 1888


The more timorous among us are able to understand just now the condition of a community living in an earthquake district during a season of disturbance. Those folk find their nerves perpetually racked either with actual horrors or with the report of them which serves equally for the purposes of shock. It was thought that the East End tragedies had reached the height of horror, but the latest incident in association with them thrills us with a terrible correction. It seems only now that the inhabitants of the infected locality have awakened fully to the perils of their position. A remarkable effect of this consciousness is the fact that, all through the East End thousands of women disappear off the thoroughfares soon after dark.



The London Police believe the Whitechapel kidney story to be a hoax. Dr. Sedgwick Saunders, medical officer to the city of London, to-day was questioned by a representative of the Press as to a report that a medical man had declared that half the kidney belongs to a female. He said, "It is a pity some people have no courage to say they didn't know. You may take it that there is no difference whatever between the male and female kidney; as for those in animals they are similar. The cortical substance is the same, and the structure only differs in shape. I think it would be quite possible to mistake it for a pig's. you may take it that the right kidney of the woman Eddowes was perfectly normal in in its structure and healthy, and by parity of reasoning you would not get much disease in the left. The liver was healthy, and gave no indications that the woman drank. Taking the discovery of half a kidney, and supposing it to be human, my opinion is that it was a student's antic. It is quite possible for any student to obtain a kidney for the purpose."



At the Belfast Police Court to-day John Foster was charged on remand with having been connected with the Whitechapel murders. The police gave evidence to the effect that the locket and chain found in the prisoner's possession had been identified as having been stolen from a house in Bootle. The prisoner is wanted at Bootle on a charge of housebreaking. The magistrates remanded him for a week in order that further inquiries may be made regarding him.