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Irish Times
Dublin, Ireland

Saturday, 1 September 1888


You will have from other sources an account of the horrible murder committed last night in Whitechapel, where a woman of 40 was found with her throat cut and the lower part of her body almost hacked to pieces. The aspect of this tragedy noted here is its suggestive resemblance to the atrocity reported about three weeks ago where a woman of like age was found in the open hall of a common lodging house, also with her throat cut and thirty nine slashes and stabs in different parts of her person. The similarity in many points of these two crimes has stirred again suspicion that both poor women were victims of the same miscreant. We hark back to the time a century ago when "the monster" prowled about London attacking women with a knife, and the theory is that some still more sanguinary scoundrel may now be gratifying a like mania. If so, it can only be hoped that he will speedily experience the punishment of his predecessor.


A great fire broke out early yesterday morning at Ratcliffe Dry Dock, London. Flames first broke out in the workshop of Messrs. Dible & Co. engineers which, with several adjoining houses were destroyed. The rigging of the Connovia, a Liverpool vessel lying in the dock, was also burnt, and the fire also raged on an adjoining wharf, where a building containing eight hundred tons of coal was destroyed, together with a quantity of coal. Th fire was extinguished. The loss is enormous.

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