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Fort Wayne Weekly Sentinel
Indiana, USA
12 April 1905


Manner of Woman's Death Recalls Famous Whitechapel Murders.

New York, April 7.
Elements of mystery, recalling the stories of "Jack the Ripper", who terrorized the Whitechapel district of London years ago, led to the sensational stabbing today in a Thirteenth Street hotel of a young woman. She died in a hospital a few hours after the stabbing. A patron of the hotel whom the police put under arrest, although admitting he was in the woman's company a short time before she was injured, declared he did not know how she received the wounds that resulted in her death. The woman, whose name was Mamie Wilson, was stabbed in the abdomen. The wound was made by a very long knife, for which the police are unable to account, and which the man under arrest protests did not belong to him. The character of the cut was similar to that made on the victims of the London "Jack the Ripper". The man under arrest is James Boyne, a club steward. He told the police he was with the woman last night, but said that she had left him and he did not know how she was stabbed. When he was arrested it was found that seven of Boyne's teeth had been knocked out and that one of his eyes had been blackened by a blow.

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