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Evening News
London, U.K.
19 December 1888


A person purporting to be "Jack the Ripper has sent the following letter to the Berlin Police President:

"To the Police president of Berlin.

Mr. President, as I am going to spend a short time in Berlin, I will see if the famous Berlin police will catch me. I shall only have fifteen victims. So take warning!

Yours respectfully,
Jack the Ripper."

The letter is in German in a large handwriting, and is a ridiculous fabrication sent by a Berliner as a stupid joke, and therefore of no value whatever as a clue to the London crimes. It is full of Berlinisms, such as the substitution of mich for mir.

General Booth is not to be entrusted with the handling of the 15,000 which he modestly requested from the Government the other day. In the House of Commons last night, the Home Secretary, in reply to Professor Stuart, said he had received a memorial from general Booth, of the Salvation Army, respecting the establishment of cheap shelters for the outcast poor in London, and had replied that the Government could not assist a charitable work by private persons by grants of money, buildings, or stores. This decision will, probably, disappoint the enterprising "boss" of the Salvation Army, but it will be a great satisfaction to the general public.

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