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Eastern Post and City Chronicle.
Saturday, 11 March 1893.

[Appeal advertisement]



Ex-Superintendent Arnold.

The Inhabitants of a very large and populous district, and, indeed, the public generally, will have to regret the loss (in his official capacity) of a familiar face, and the services of a zealous officer. For the last 38 years Mr. THOMAS ARNOLD has served in the Metropolitan Police, commencing his career as Police Constable, and graduating through the various stages until he obtained the rank of Superintendent of the H Division. This position he has retained for the past 18 years, enjoying the confidence and respect of those with whom he has been associated, and of the superior officers in the service. From this position he has now retired upon a well-earned pension.

Whitechapel, Spitalfields, Tower Hill, St. George’s, E., Stepney, Shadwell, Wapping, Ratcliff, Mile End, Bethnal Green (part of), and Shoreditch, are the districts over which Mr. Arnold has for so long a period acted as Superintendent, and where his loss will be more particularly felt.

A Committee has been formed, with Mr. Morris Abrahams as Chairman, to tender to Mr. Arnold some tangible recognition of his long and valued services.

Subscriptions may be sent to me, or to any member of the committee, and will be duly acknowledged.

J. C. McDonald

Hon. Secretary.

21, White Lion Street,

Spital Square, E.

[A list of subscribers followed]


On Wednesday evening a well-attended meeting of the committee engaged in the promotion of a testimonial to ex-Superintendent Arnold was held at the "Charles II.," Lamb Street, Spitalfields. Mr. George English, of the Sebright Music Hall, Hackney Road, presided, and among those present were: Messrs. J. Ballard, J. Macarthy, Goldsmith, Joel, D. O’Connor, C. Smith, and H. Barnett, together with the hon. secretary, Mr. J. C. Macdonald. The chairman having stated the object of the meeting, expressed his high appreciation of the merits of the late superintendent, for whom, he said, he entertained feelings of the greatest respect. He expressed his hope that the result of their efforts would be a great success. Mr. J. C. Macdonald subsequently announced a large number of additional donations, and added that the amount realised towards the testimonial already exceeded £300. He stated also that at the next committee meeting it would be a matter of consideration as to what form the testimonial should take. Personally - and his opinion was shared by several members of the committee - he was in favour of making the testimonial an address on vellum, a silver service, and a purse of gold to be presented at a dinner. The proceedings closed with a hearty vote of thanks to the chairman for his presidency.

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