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The Eastern Post & City Chronicle
Saturday, 20 July 1889.


CONSIDERABLE excitement prevailed in the neighbourhood of Whitechapel when it became known on Wednesday morning that another terrible murder had been committed - this time in Castle Alley - by some fiend unknown. There is apparently every reason to believe that the murder is the work of the same hand that has already slain seven women in the locality. The recent crime, indeed, possesses nearly all the features of those that have gone before.

When found, the body of the unfortunate woman did not present the revolting appearance exhibited by the victims in the previous tragedies. The clothes had been thrown up and a gash inflicted on the trunk. It was, however, not a deep gash, and no attempt had been made to remove the intestines. It is presumed that the murderer had intended to mutilate his victim in as revolting a fashion as on previous occasions, and that while his task was still incomplete he heard the sound of approaching footsteps, which caused him to at once make good his escape. The throat was cut in a manner that would have been sufficient to cause instant death. During the day the deceased woman was identified as Alice Mackenzie, who has been living in a common lodging-house in Gunn Street, Spitalfields. She is described as a woman of about 40, and it is asserted that she was by occupation a charwoman and washerwoman. The instant the body was discovered measures were taken by the police to effect the capture of the assassin. Certain constables were stationed at the outlets of Castle Alley, while others searched the ins and outs of the thoroughfare. Other constables were told off to institute inquiries at the neighbouring lodging-houses, coffee-houses, and other buildings in which it was thought likely that the murderer might have sought refuge. What further measures with a view to effect his capture have since been taken by Scotland Yard it would be undesirable to particularise. Suffice it to say that, under the personal supervision of Mr. Monro, who was one of the first on Wednesday morning to reach the scene of the outrage, very resolute action has been resorted to, a large number of constables in uniform and plain clothes being told off for the duty. Several arrests were made on Wednesday, though it would not seem that they were productive of any good results. It was thought that a small clay pipe found near the scene of the murder might have belonged to the murderer, and give some clue to his identity. From facts that have since come to the knowledge of the police, however, it would seem to be certain that the pipe was in the possession of his victim, who is known to have been an inveterate smoker. Throughout the whole of Wednesday Castle Alley was visited by a large number of persons anxious to obtain a glimpse of the spot on which the body of the murdered woman was discovered. They expressed the liveliest indignation and consternation at what had occurred.

The inquest on the body of the unfortunate woman, Alice Mackenzie, who was found lying dead on the pavement in Castle Alley, Whitechapel, shortly before one o'clock on Wednesday morning, was resumed on Thursday, when amongst other evidence that of Dr. Phillips, surgeon of police, was taken. The Coroner, in adjourning the Court until Wednesday, August 14th, expressed the hope that they would then be enabled to finish the inquiry. The police are doing their best to detect the murderer, but have not yet been successful. A man named Sullivan, arrested early on Thursday morning on suspicion, was released some three or four hours afterwards, it being shown that he could not possibly have been the murderer. There is no one now in custody in connection with the case.

In the House of Commons on Thursday, Mr. Montagu asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department whether he would offer a substantial reward, accompanied by a free pardon, to any one, not in the police-force, and not the actual perpetrator of the recent crime in Whitechapel, who would give such information as would lead to the conviction of the murderer; and whether he would sufficiently increase the number of detectives so as to prevent, if possible, further atrocities in East London. Mr. Matthews: I have consulted the Commissioner of Police, and he informs me that he has no reason to believe the offer of a reward now would be productive of any good result, and he does not recommend any departure from the policy resolved upon last year, and fully explained by me to the House at that time. As soon as the occurrences at the East End became known a large number of men in plain clothes were employed there, and yesterday I sanctioned an arrangement for a still further increase to the number of detectives available for duty in Whitechapel. (Hear, hear.)


CONSIDERABLE excitement was caused in the East End on Thursday afternoon by a serious stabbing affair. A man whose name is at present unknown, and who was lodging with a Mrs. Margaret Jones, Usher Road, Old Ford, stabbed her in the head with a carving-knife. The wound was a severe one, and the woman was taken to the London Hospital, where she now remains. Her assailant appears also to have injured his hand with the knife, and he too was taken to the hospital, but not being sufficiently closely watched suddenly absconded, and has not since been discovered.


THE Whitechapel District Board of Works must consider at its meeting on Monday the advisability of passing a vote of condolence with the "imaginative" young man of the Daily Telegraph, who has had the audacity to state that the lighting in Castle Alley is somewhat faulty. The probability is, the writer has never seen Whitechapel, and if he has, it was with the eyes of a pessimist. "Go to a nunnery, go," thou irresponsible scribbler, for thou art as surely mad as young Hamlet himself.

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