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The Eastern Post & City Chronicle
Saturday, 20 October 1888.


On Thursday the City Police had under observation a man whose movements in Whitechapel, Mile End, and Bermondsey are attended with suspicion. A man, who is said to be an American, was arrested in Bermondsey at one o'clock Thursday morning, and taken to the police station. His conduct, demeanour, and appearance gave rise to great suspicion, and his apprehension and general particulars were wired to the City Police.

The Press Association says: "From inquiries made at Mile End, we are enabled to give particulars on the most reliable authority concerning the receipt of certain letters and a parcel at the house of a member of the Whitechapel Vigilance Committee.

A letter, delivered shortly after five o'clock on Tuesday evening, was accompanied by a cardboard box containing what appeared to be a portion of a kidney. The letter was in the following terms: "From Hell. - Mr. Lusk. - Sir, I send you half the kidne I took from one woman. Prasarved it for you. Tother piece I fried and ate; it was very nice. I may send you the bloody knife that took it out, if you only wate whil longer. - (Signed) CATCH ME WHEN YOU CAN, MR. LUSK." The receiver was at first disposed to think that a hoax had been perpetrated, but eventually decided to take the opinion of the Vigilance Committee. Mr. F. S. Reed, who is assistant to Dr. Wiles, yesterday examined the contents of the box in the presence of several members of the committee, and declared the substance to be the half a human kidney, which had been divided longitudinally; but in order to remove any reason for doubt, he conveyed it to Dr. Openshaw, who is Pathological Curator of the London Hospital Museum. The doctor examined it, and pronounced it to be a portion of a human kidney - a "ginny" kidney - that is to say, one that had belonged to a person who had drunk heavily. He was further of the opinion that it was the organ of a woman of about 45 years of age, and that it had been taken from the body within the last three weeks. It will be within public recollection that the left kidney was missing from the woman Eddowes, who was murdered and mutilated in Mitre Square. On Thursday two members of the committee took the parcel to Leman Street, and the officer who is directing inquiries took down the statement of the receiver. The box and its contents were left in the care of the police pending further investigation.

The following memorial has been signed by about 240 tradesmen of Whitechapel, and presented to the Home Secretary by Samuel Montagu, Esq., M.P.:-

To the Right Honourable the Home Secretary.
We, the undersigned tradesmen in Whitechapel, respectfully submit for your consideration the position in which we are placed, in consequence of the recent murders in our district and its vicinity.
For some years past we have been painfully aware that the protection afforded by the police have not kept pace with the increase of population in Whitechapel.
Acts of violence and robbery have been committed in this neighbourhood, almost with impunity, owing to the existing police regulations and the insufficiency of the numbers of officers. The recent murders, and the failure of the authorities in discovering the criminal or criminals, have had a most disastrous effect upon the trade of our district.
The universal feeling prevalent in our midst is that the Government no longer ensure the security of life and property in East London, and that in consequence respectable people fear to go out shopping, thus depriving us of our means of livelihood. We confidently appeal to your sense of justice that the police in this district may be largely increased, in order to remove the feeling of insecurity which is destroying the trade of Whitechapel.

The force of police in private clothes specially selected to make the house-to-house search in the neighbourhoods of Hanbury Street, Commercial Street, Dorset Street, Goulston Street, Buck's Row, Brick Lane, Osborne Street, &c., have completed their labours. They have distributed many thousands of handbills, leaving them in every room in the lodging-houses. The greatest good feeling prevails towards the police, and noticeably in the most squalid dwellings the police had no difficulty in getting information; but not the slightest clue to the murderer has been obtained.

Another man was arrested in Whitechapel by the police on suspicion of being concerned in the East End murders. He is about 35 years of age, and has recently been living in Whitechapel. He was somewhat confused in his statements respecting his whereabouts lately, and was detained pending inquiries.

At the adjourned inquest on Elizabeth Stride, who was murdered in Berner Street, a nephew of the deceased will be called who will set satisfactorily at rest the woman's identity.


At an early hour on Thursday morning a private trial took place in Preston Park, Brighton, in the presence of a select company of gentlemen, of some bloodhounds now being exhibited at the Brighton Dog Show. The hounds used were Burgho, Babette and Blueberry, belonging to Mr. Brough, and Buxom, owned by Mr. Craven, but bred and trained by Mr. Brough. Three trials were made and took place under the personal direction of Mr. Brough. Each was deemed most satisfactory considering the fact that for the past two days the dogs have been on the show benches. In the first trial, which was a short one, Buxom distinguished herself. In the second Burgho and Blueberry were seen to especial advantage, and in the third Babette took up the scent well, notwithstanding that the line was purposely crossed by gentlemen on horseback.