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Eastern Argus & Borough of Hackney Times.
Saturday, 15 September 1888.

East End and Borough News.

THE MURDER EXCITEMENT. - At the Worship Street Police Court on Tuesday, Joseph Carter, 34, a tinker, was charged with being drunk and disorderly at Commercial Street Police Station. He created a disturbance because the police would not let him go in and see the man charged with the Whitechapel murder. He was sentenced to five days' imprisonment.

VIGILANTS. - On Monday a meeting of the chief tradesmen of Spitalfields and Whitechapel met to consider what steps could be taken with reference to a prevention of the horrible tragedies lately committed in their midst. Ultimately a Vigilance Committee was formed, volunteers were enrolled, and the work put into practical form.

Another Dastardly Assault on a Woman in Green Street

At the time when public opinion was so much excited by the horrible murders in this district, it is needless to say how much more this was intensified on Monday evening by the news of a dastardly outrage in Green Street, the victim in this case also being a female. Many rumours have been afloat during the week, first that it was "Leather Apron" who assaulted her, and then again that she had died in the London Hospital. The latter statement, however, is happily false. The true facts of the case are that at eleven o'clock on Monday night Mr. Young, who lives just round the corner of Globe Road, opposite the "Britannia," heard a man and woman quarrelling. He heard the woman make some allusion to the man, playfully he thought, as "Leather Apron." The man did not appear to take this in good part, for he immediately rushed at her and knocked her down. She then appears to have taunted him, and he brutally struck at her again, his heavy blows at least rendering her insensible. Mr. Young seeing no policeman about, blew his whistle several times, and ultimately his "calls" were heard, and some constables came up. The woman was taken to the Hospital on an ambulance, and she appears to be in a very critical condition. The man tried to escape, but was captured just as he was passing round the corner of the "Rising Sun."

From enquiries made the woman is not sufficiently recovered to give evidence, so the man will stand remanded until she is able to prove the assault at the Worship Street Police Court.

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