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East London Observer
Saturday April 7th, 1888

"IMPENDING ELECTION" - Non-political

Dr. Roderick Macdonald MP's Candidature.

TO THE FREEHOLDERS RESIDING IN THE Eastern Middlesex Coroner's District. GENTLEMEN, The Authorities have decided that the District of East Middlesex shall be divided into two, as far as duties of Coroner are concerned, I beg most respectfully to intimate to you that I shall be a Candidate for the vacancy created by such a division.

The very large number of votes that I received at the last contest emboldens me to hope that I shall, on this occassion, be favoured with sufficient support to ensure my election.

My qualifications and training render me, I hope, specially competent to undertake and perform the duties of a Coroner.

My medical qualifications are M.D., F.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., and L.R.C.S. I have been engaged in the active practice of my profession for the last seventeen years, and during the greater portion of that period in the District of East Middlesex. In the course of my professional work, it has fallen to my lot to have an unusually large experience in Coroner's inquests, and consequently I am perfectly familiar with the nature of the work and the duties of the office.

I became a member of the Middle Temple with the intention of still further qualifying myself, by a legal training, for the special work of a Coroner, and I have now completed the course of study required to qualify me as a Barrister-at- Law.

The importance and necessity of both Legal and Medical acquirements, for the proper performance of the duties of such an onerous appointment, must be obvious to everybody. It is essential for the holder of the office, in order to weigh with discrimination both Legal and Medical evidence; and to the public, in order that their interests may be intelligently safeguarded.

If elected Coroner, I should retire from general practice as a Physician. My position as a member of Parliament will in now way interfere with my duties as a Coroner.

Owing to the extensive area of the District and the large number of Electors, I fear I shall not be able to do myself the pleasure of calling personally upon all my Constituents.

I have the honour to be, Gentlemen,

Yours respectfully,


Millwall, March, 1888.

DR. MACDONALD has already secured the support of SEVERAL HUNDREDS of the most PROMINENT ELECTORS of the district, amongst them being the following:-

Here follows a long list of the said electors.

. . .

Editor's note: Dr. Roderick Macdonald was successful in his election application, and later conducted the Inquest of Mary Kelly, which he wound up with almost indecent haste, causing later researchers to suggest that he was in collusion with the police, and possibly even involved in a cover-up.