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Decatur Daily Republican
Illinois, U.S.A.
9 March 1891

Jack the Ripper in Washington

Washington, March 8.
For some time anonymous letters have been received at police headquarters here. The letters refer to a detective whom the writer designates as a "Dr. Cronin" detective and who was to be "removed". Yesterday morning Maj. Moore, superintendent of police, received the following by mail:

Dear People:
Wouldn't you like to catch me. I am Jack the Riper. I am going to kill eight more women before I give up. I am in the city.
[Signed] Jack the Riper
Whether the peculiar spelling of Ripper was intentional on the writer's part or not is, of course, not known. While the major attaches no importance to the letter, he read it to different police lieutenants and the police are trying to find the writer, who is thought to be a crank.