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The Daily Telegraph

Page 3


The SPEAKER took the chair shortly after three o'clock.


Mr. MATTHEWS, answering Mr. T. P. O'Connor, said he had no information to give as to the new Chief Commissioner of Police.

Page 4

Mr. Monro's appointment to the office of Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, in succession to Sir Charles Warren, has been approved by the Queen.

Page 5

The Queen has been pleased to approve the appointment of Mr. James Monro, formerly Assistant-Commissioner of Police, to the post of First Commissioner in succession to Sir Charles Warren.


VIENNA, Nov. 27.
The Russian newspaper Novosti makes a startling revelation. According to your Muscovite contemporary, the "Whitechapel murderer" is a Russian. The Novosti gives the following particulars:

"He was born at Tiraspol in South Russia in 1847, and graduated at the Odessa University. After 1870 he became a fanatical Anarchist, and emigrated to Paris, where he went out of his mind. His monomania was that fallen women could only be redeemed and go to heaven if they were murdered. This led him to perpetrate a number of murders in Paris. The Paris police arrested him, but on discovering that he was a lunatic they shut him up in an asylum. That was sixteen years ago. He was kept there until a short time prior to the first murder in Whitechapel, when he was released as cured. He went to London, and there lodged with different compatriot refugees until the first woman was assassinated in Whitechapel, since which time his friends have not seen him."

THE HAVANT MURDER. - The local police force has been greatly increased since Monday night, and every effort is being made to find the murderer of the unfortunate boy Serle, though hitherto without success. No one has been apprehended since Monday night, and the authorities attach little importance to the arrest which was then made. The opinion gains ground that the murderer is a local person, and that the knife will ultimately lead to his capture. The crime was committed within a hundred yards of North-street, and in full view of the busiest thoroughfare in the town. At Havant Police-court, yesterday afternoon, Thomas Clark, an engine-fitter, was charged on suspicion with the murder of the boy Serle. It appeared that the accused was able to give a satisfactory account of himself, and, the police offering no evidence against him, he was discharged.

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