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Correo San Luis (Mexico)
6 February 1889



Discovery of the criminals surprised by a journalist - A medical Ripper - Scientific madness

The authors of the horrible crimes which spread terror in London have already been identified and captured. It is not a matter of a single killer, but a veritable quartet of Rippers.

I have here a telegram on the subject:

"Paris, 8.
There are interesting details communicated from London regarding the discovery of the criminals who have so alarmed (public) opinion.
This is due to a journalist, a Mr. Tucker of the Daily Telegraph, who had the luck of surprising certain individuals in the act of taking down from a carriage the body of another woman and, summoning help, he succeeded in having arrested by the police Ruckett, Runce and Murphy, those who were taking down the body, and Jack Robinson, who styles himself a doctor of medicine and surgery.
The explanations offered by the latter and his complete cold bloodedness present a new case of scientific insanity, namely to solve by the removal of certain organs the problems of poverty and over population."

The police, despite their disguises, patrols and strategies, had been powerless to pick up the trail of the crimes; every investigation proved fruitless. Every night in Whitechapel there were carried out numerous arrests of drunkards and suspicious people, but none of those arrested turned out to be implicated in the crimes they were investigating. A detailed list was made of all uninhabited houses in Whitechapel, of which there are many, with no result. The police had reached the point of releasing tracker dogs on the streets of the said district. Some editors of London newspapers were carrying out their own investigations, patrolling by night the darkest and most dangerous places. One of these, a reporter for the Daily Telegraph, had the good fortune to discover the murderers.

Last night, as Mr. Tucker, as he is called, was walking along carrying out his investigations, he saw a carriage stop suddenly in from of a rundown house, which movement struck him as suspicious. He stood watch and saw four men getting down from the carriage and that they were taking down a bulky shape which could well be a body. He drew nearer, and indeed it was the body of a dead woman which those men were unloading.

The reporter began to blow on a whistle which he carried for protection, detaining the four men and taking possession of the body.

One of those detained is a policeman, another a doctor according to his own claims. The other two are unknown men.

The self styled doctor is called Jack Robinson and appears to be the instigator of the crimes. He presented to the superintendent (or possibly commissioner) a self control which demonstrated an unfeeling impassiveness and he claimed that he is dedicated to the fulfilment of a mission of redemption, which consists of reducing the population of the world by sterilizing women, for which reason he was dedicated to the removal of certain organs from his victims for the purpose of studying them.

According to him, the resolving of this physiological problem would put an end to misery. It is not known if he is a dangerous madman who suffers from what could be called scientific madness, or an experienced criminal who is seeking immunity by feigning madness.

Whatever may be the case, the result is still a fearful aberration which cannot fail to rouse decent consciences and to merit, along with the severest punishment, universal loathing.