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Calgary Tribune
Alberta, Canada
28 November 1888

New York, Nov 24.
An Englishman named Pennock, on leaving a steamer here, was arrested on a charge of wife murder. He was travelling incog. and bears a striking resemblance to Jack the Ripper.

London, Nov.26.
Sensations in connection with the Whitechapel murders continue to increase daily. A lady travelling in a suburban train was frightened into fits by a man carrying a black bag, who attempted to enter the compartment she occupied while the train was in motion, and nothing can convince her that she was not confronted by Jack the Ripper. In North London a lay's hair was severed from her head while she slept, and a note was found on her pillow reading: "This is just to know that I am about." This lady, too, believes that she was visited by the Whitechapel fiend and none other.

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