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Calgary Tribune
Alberta, Canada
10 October 1888

The Whitechapel Murders

London, Oct. 2.
The excitement occasioned by the latest Whitechapel murders has increased rather than abated to-day. The police have made no progress in their efforts to establish a clue to the murderer and have lost public confidence in their efficiency by that fact that the person arrested on suspicion of connection with the tragedy were (sic) released to-day for want of even a scintilla of evidence upon which to justify their retention in custody. They profess to be hopeful of success, however, and many people are inclined to hope with them in the absence of any suspicion in their own minds, even remotely defined as to the criminal's motive, calling (or) identity. The private rewards offered for his arrest, added to that of the Lord Mayor, bring the total sum up to 1,200 and it is likely that it will soon reach 2, 000. The Stock Exchange is discussing the question of starting a fund, to defray the expenses of the murderers detection and to reward his captors. The fact that the latest murder was committed within the jurisdiction of the city police has created a sharp rivalry between that body and General Warren's metropolitan detectives. Many wagers have been laid upon the question of the murderer's capture with the odds largely in favor of the city police solving the mystery and landing the fiend in jail. It is now proposed to send a circular to every householder in the East End requesting details of the movements and habits of their respective lodgers. The theory has largely obtained support t-day that the murderer has two domiciles, one probably a shop or a surgery to which he retires for the purpose of removing the traces of his crimes and the other a dwelling house where he is only known as a lodger whose habits and manners make him a desirable boarder in the estimation of his landlady. The police are being urged to station bloodhounds in the Whitechapel district in the hope that they may be able by their keenness of scent to run this fiend down when he seeks a fresh victim. The inquest on the woman murdered in Mitre Square will take place on Thursday when startling revelations are promised, not all, it is said, to the credit of the police.

London. Oct. 4.
Two supposed Americans have been arrested in connection with the Whitechapel murders.

Another American has been arrested on suspicion of complicity in the Whitechapel murders. The arrest has also been made of the man who murdered the watchman last night. The watchman had noticed a man and woman in the alleyway and followed them, when the man stabbed him.

London. Oct. 8.
The Telegraph published two sketch portraits from descriptions of the man last seen in company with the woman named Stride, one of the victims of the Whitechapel murder fiend. The result has been the unceremonious arrest of any man bearing any resemblance to the pictures and a great deal of discomfort has been caused by this new phase in police activity. Many of the arrests were made by self-constituted detectives or the ambitious vigilance committee men. The victims are generally discharged from custody as soon as brought before the magistrate.

London, Oct. 9.
At the Whitechapel inquest several surgeons deposed that the body found in Whitechapel was that of a woman of unusually fine appearance and evidently in good social standing. In deference to the general desire that bloodhounds should be used in search of the Whitechapel fiend, the police have procured several of these animals and put them in training. They will not be stationed at Whitechapel district, however, but located in stalls in out of the way places so that nobody will know from what quarter to expect them.