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The Bush Advocate
New Zealand

5 January 1889


London, Dec. 30.
The victim of the Bradford murder turns out to be a girl eight years old. Her legs and arms were roughly chopped off and tied to the body. Her ears were cut off and there were two stabs on the body. The heart and intestines were torn out. the remains were wrapped in a rough covering. In some other respects the murder resembles the Whitechapel tragedies. The first theory was that the crime had been committed by some drunken lads inflamed by reading the accounts of the London horrors, but subsequently suspicion attached to a milkman named Barrett, and he was arrested. A blood stained sack and a knife which accurately fitted the wounds on the body were found at his lodgings.


The Earl of Sheffield has for some time past been the recipient of anonymous and threatening letters. The other day he received the following, bearing the Uckfield post-mark of October 27:

"England, Oct. 28, '88
Dear Lord Sheffield - I am sorry but feeling it my duty to let you know as I do not think you do, or you would not have the heart to turn an old Tennent like poor old Mrs. Grover out of her Home after such a hard struggle to maintain and bring up her family, not only that, but not allowing anyone to get an honest living there in the butchering line, as they have done for a great number of years, but its seems to me as though you and your faithful steward want it all, and if you had my wish you would get more than you wanted. Remember, this is a warning to you, but, at the same time, I should be much obliged to you if you could arrange it for your steward to sleep under the same roof as yourself on Monday night, October 29, or else I shall have to bring an assistant. My knife is nice and sharp. Oh for a gentleman this time instead of a lady. I am sorry for troubling you, but don't forget the 29th.
I remain your truly

Lord Sheffield has resolved to make a special effort upon this occasion to capture his assailant. The above letter has, therefore, been reproduced in facsimile and his lordship has offered a reward of 250 for information leading to the arrest of the writer.