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Bucks County Gazette
Bristol, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
8 November 1888

Facsimiles of the Whitechapel Communications Signed "Jack the Ripper"

Every reader of the newspapers has read of the letter and post card received by the London Central News company about the terrible Whitechapel murders, signed Jack the Ripper. These communications were luridly written in blood colored ink of some sort, and for ignorant brutality have had few equals since crime began to have a history. Here is a reduced facsimile of a part of the letter:

(Copy of the Dear Boss letter)

The letter has been printed in full before, but is here given again for convenience of comparison:

(Text of the Dear Boss letter)

The post card is here reproduced in reduced facsimile:

(Copy of the Saucy Jacky postcard)

This is a translation of the contents of the card:

(Text of the Saucy Jacky postcard)

The shaded portions of the card as shown in the cut represent the blood stains with which the bit of pasteboard was smeared. The bloody lines of the stains closely resemble the markings of the corrugated skin of a man's thumb or finger.

Is jack the Ripper the killer of the unfortunate women? That is a question that bids fair to be altogether too deep for the astute mind of Sir Charles Warren, the London chief of police, who trains his bloodhounds by letting them chase his own sacred person, to solve.