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Brooklyn Daily Eagle
New York, USA
28 July 1902

Buncg of Anonymous Ones Sent by Unknown Man to Court of Special Sessions.

A little street boy entered the outer rooms of the Court of Special Sessions, between 9 and 10 o'clock this morning, and handed Clerk Bonanno a package of from eight to ten anonymous letters. When Mr. Bonanno asked the boy where he got them he said an elderly man met him at Myrtle avenue and Fulton street at 9 o'clock, gave him 10 cents and requested him to take the package to the Court of Special Sessions.

There was a 3 cent stamp on the outside wrapper, which contained the inscription: "Evidence sufficient for the Grand Jury. Police Commissioner Partridge."

The letters are so written that it is hard to decipher them, but they urge that justice be meted out to parties guilty of some murder. One of the letters is in the form of a prayer; another mentions the fact that a Mrs. Mathews and her children have been murderously dealt with and there is a hint of some persons having been cut up and their bodies thrown into the East River. The name of Jack the Ripper is mentioned in another of the letters. There is also an allusion to some police business that was transacted in 1894. Reference is also made to former Superintendent of Police Patrick Campbell. The letters will be turned over to Captain Reynolds of the Police Department for investigation.

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