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Atlanta Constitution
Georgia, U.S.A.
31 January 1889


Brunswick Has a Visit From the Bloody Monstrosity

Brunswick, Ga., January 30. [Special]

A blood besmeared postal card, signed Jack the Ripper, was received by Marshal Dart today, stating that he was in town and would commence his murderous work tonight.

No attention was paid to the card until tonight, a negro woman of the lower class rushed into police headquarters with the collar of her dress torn off and several scratches on her face. She said that on her way home from a neighbor's house in the northern portion of the city, a man suddenly sprang from around a corner, and commenced cutting at her. She screamed and ran.

Persons attracted by her cries rushed to the rescue and the man was scare off. The colored people are in a state of abject terror. Women are locked up in their houses and nothing can induce them to leave their rooms tonight. The police are on the alert though. They feel uneasy.