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Atlanta Constitution
Georgia, U.S.A.
1 December 1888

Two items under "Well Known People"

Artist Whistler, the eccentric American who is one of London's celebrities, is painting a horrible picture of one of the Whitechapel victims as her mutilated body appeared when it was discovered.


"Jack the Ripper" is, of course, a person of considerable note in London at present. Recently two ladies, well known in the most select circles of English society, were walking down a London street discussing the Whitechapel murders, and they expressed a desire that if the murderer were discovered he should be delivered up to the women of London to be lynched. The next day they both received communications, signed "Jack the Ripper", informing them that they had been overheard, and that they would soon be numbered among Jack's victims. The two ladies have been under police protection ever since.