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Atlanta Constitution
Georgia, U.S.A.
26 July 1906

Man Alleged to Have Cut Throat of Mrs. Gentry Is Arrested
Murdered Woman Was With Him When Last Seen Alive - Was Killed At Times When the Illinois City Was Aroused by Series of Fearful Outrages Committed Upon Women.

N.Y., July 25.

Frank J. Constantine, 25 years of age, has been under arrest in the county jail here for about a week charged with the murder of Mrs. Louis H. Gentry, of Chicago. It was not until today that the prisoner was positively identified as Frank J. Constantine. The prisoner was arrested at Tivoli, a little town 25 miles above this city, by Deputy Sheriff Hoffman. Constantine had been working as timekeeper for a contractor at Tivoli, when his presence became known by the deputy sheriff. Constantine left the neighborhood and for some time spent his time around New York and Brooklyn. He had a sweetheart at Tivoli and by his letters to her, the deputy sheriff located him. Constantine made an appointment with his sweetheart and when he arrived at Tivoli a week ago Deputy Sheriff Hoffman arrested him.

Constantine says he is not the man wanted. He first said this was his name and that the Chicago murder was committed by his brother and that his brother used the prisoner's name. Tonight he says his name is Fritz Constantine.

Suspect Identified.

For a week the sheriff's office awaited identification. This morning Miss Ellen Schreiber, who is cashier in a Chicago restaurant, came here and positively identified the prisoner. He had a week's growth of beard, but the woman was certain. The sheriff had the prisoner clean shaven and later the woman again stated that there was no doubt as to the prisoner being the Frank J. Constantine she saw in Chicago both in the restaurant, where he took his meals, and in a cab the day following the murder. Chicago officers are expected here tomorrow or Friday to take the prisoner to that city.

Constantine admitted to the sheriff that he had served a term in the Elmira reformatory for burglary. It is known that the young woman who identified the prisoner today is using an assumed name, and that her name is not Ellen Schreiber, this name being assumed in order to escape notoriety in the case.

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