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Atchison Daily Globe
Kansas, USA
10 November 1888

The Whitechapel Woman Butcher Commits More Awful Tragedy Than the Preceding.

London, Nov, 9.
The murder fiend has added another victim to his list. At eleven o'clock this morning the body of a woman cut into pieces was discovered in a house on Dorset street, Spitalfields. The police are endeavoring to track the murderer with the aid of bloodhounds. The appearance of the remains was frightful, and the mutilation was even greater than in the previous cases. The head had been severed and placed beneath one of the limbs. The ears and nose had been cut off. The body had been disembowelled and the flesh was torn from the thighs. Several organs were missing. The skin had been torn off the forehead and cheeks. One hand had been pushed into the stomach. The victim's name is believed to have been Lizzie Fisher, but to most of the habitués of the haunts she visited she was known as Mary Jane. She had a room in the house where she was murdered. She carried a latch key and no one knows at what hour she entered the house last night, and probably no one saw the man who accompanied her. Therefore, it is hardly likely that he will ever be identified. He might easily have left the house at any time between one and six o'clock this morning without attracting attention. The doctors who have examined the remains refuse to make any statement until the inquest is held. Three bloodhounds belonging to private citizens were taken to the place where the body lay and placed on the scent of the murderer but they were unable to keep it for any great distance and all hope of running the assassin down with their assistance will have to be abandoned.

The murdered woman told a companion last evening that she was without money and would commit suicide if she did not obtain a supper. It has been learned that a man respectably dressed accosted her and offered her money and they went to her lodgings, on the second floor of the Dorset street house. No noise was heard during the night and nothing was known of the murder until the landlady went to the room early this morning to ask for her rent. The first thing she saw on entering the room was the woman's breasts and viscera lying on a table.

Dorset street is short and narrow and is situated close to Mitre square and Hanbury street.

The opinion of Archibald Forbes and Mr. Winslow that the assassin was a homicidal maniac is confirmed by the latest murder, and the prediction has become general that another murder will soon follow.