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Donald Sutherland Swanson

SWANSON, Donald Sutherland

Born : 1848, Thurso, Wick, Scotland.

1868 : Apr 27 - Joined Metropolitan Police, warrant number 50282.

1887 : Nov - Achieved the rank of Chief Inspector, CID, Scotland Yard.

1896 : Promoted to Superintendent.

1897 : Involved in a crackdown on male prostitution.

1903 : Retired.

1924 : Nov 24 - Dies at 3 Presburg Road, New Malden, Surrey. Buried at Kingston Cemetery.

Swanson was a close friend of Robert Anderson his "Old master". Melville Macnaghten called him "a very capable officer" Swanson wrote that "...the suspect was sent to Stepney Workhouse and then to Colney Hatch and died shortly afterwards - Kosminski was the suspect." (Swanson Marginalia c1910-1924). A newspaper article reported that "...Mr Swanson believed the crimes to be the work of a man who is now dead." (Pall Mall Gazette May 7 1895)


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