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HARVEY, P.C. James

1876: Joined City of London Police, warrant no. 5045.

1888: Testified to having heard nothing on the night of Catherine Eddowes' murder, although his beat took him throughout the area of Mitre Square that morning.

1889: Dismissed from service, July 1st. Reasons unknown.

Patrol Route of PC Harvey
Courtesy of Casebook Productions

PC James Harvey, 964City, came on duty to patrol the Houndsditch area at 9:45pm, Saturday, 29 September, 1888. He was continuously patroling his beat, until he heard George Morris's whistle shortly after Eddowes's body was discovered in Mitre Sqaure at c.1:44am by PC Watkins.

From Bevis Mark to Duke Street, into Little Duke Street, to Houndsditch, from Houndsditch back to Duke Street, along Duke Street to Church Passage, back again into Duke Street, to Aldgate, from there to Mitre Street, back again to Houndsditch, up Houndsditch, to Little Duke Street, again back to Houndsditch, to Goring Street, up Goring Street to Bevis Marks.

Play -- Stop 1. Bevis Marks
2. Little Duke Street
3. Duke Street
4. Houndsditch
5. Church Passage
6. Aldgate
7. Mitre Street
8. Goring Street

Source used is official transcript of Eddowes Inquest.

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