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P.C. Edward Watkins

WATKINS, P.C. Edward

1871 : Joined City of London Police.

1888: Discovered body of Catherine Eddowes in Mitre Square.

1896 : Retired.

Patrol Route of PC Watkins
Courtesy of Casebook Productions


PC Edward Watkins, 881City, came on duty to patrol the Mitre Street area at 9:45pm, Saturday, 29 September, 1888. He was continuously patroling his beat since 10:00pm, until he discovered Eddowes's body in the South-West corner of Mitre Square at c.1:44am. He was last in the square at c.1:30am.

From Duke Street through Heneage Lane, through a portion of Bury Street, then through Cree Church Lane, into Leadenhall Street, along Leadenhall Street into Mitre Street, then into Mitre Square, around the square, back into Mitre Street, then into King Street, along King Street, into St James Place, around St James Place, thence into Duke Street.

Play -- Stop 1. Duke Street
2. Heneage Lane
3. Bury Street
4. Cree Church Lane
5. Leadenhall Street
6. Mitre Street
7. Mitre Square
8. King Street
9. St James's Place

Source used is official transcript of Eddowes Inquest.